Photographic Archives represented by the Foundation

One of the purposes of Photographic Social Vision is to manage photographic archives of great historical, technical and aesthetic value, as well as to ensure their deserved public and institutional recognition. The Foundation is representative of the work of various photographers, dedicating itself to the research and preservation of archives, the production and sale of certified copies, or being curator of exhibitions and managing the relationship with exhibition venues, among other tasks.

Jacques Léonard Archives
El creador de un friso de costumbres y rituales de la cultura gitana, con una mirada a la vez histórica y contemporánea, lejos de las retóricas fotográficas convencionales...
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Joana Biarnés
Considered the first female photojournalist in Spain, she triumphed in a profession previously reserved for men, and immortalized renowned figures. Then she seemed to disappear until, in her later years, she gained recognition.
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Photographer, we can represent you!
If you are a photographer or you've got an archive that you would like to get seen, we can represent you and work together!
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