Material Sensible (Sensitive Material)

One out of five children suffers some form of sexual abuse before the age of 17. Given this reality, the Education Area of Photographic Social Vision developed a participatory photography project for people in therapeutic process at the Vicki Bernadet Foundation, an organization that offers comprehensive care, prevention and awareness about sexual abuse of minors.

For several months, we accompany the participants of the workshop in their recovery, offering them photography as a means of expression and creative potential to tell their own stories. The sessions alternate the learning of technical issues with very sensitive psychological and emotional aspects of their own reality, because damage is not marked only by the crime itself, but by how each person lived the experience.

  • 3rd EDITION: the participating group started their participatory process in 2020 and the resulting exhibition was held in 2021, from 13th april to 28th may, at La Casa Elizalde (Barcelona). More information here.
  • 2nd EDITION: It was developed in 2019, including and exhibition at the artistic space Chiquita Room. More information here.
  • 1st EDITION: It was developed in 2017, including and exhibition at Projekteria [Art Gallery]. More information here.
making of editions 2017, 2019 y 2021
Video by Ana de Quadras