Eugeni Gay

With an undergraduate degree in biology, and two years of studies in anthropology, Eugeni was led to photography by his interest in other modes of human existence. It helps him to discover other ways of interpreting the world and to understand human behaviour in a variety of circumstances. Eugeni lives in Barcelona, where he teaches and works as a photographer.

The result of his travels, his work has appeared in El País Semanal, Lonely Planet, Descobrir Catalunya, and Altaïr. It has been exhibited in numerous cities in Spain and at festivals such as Trafic (Barcelona), SevillaFoto, the Encuentro Internacional Foto y Periodismo ‘Ciudad de Gijón,’ FineArt Igualada, and the Festival Internacional de Fotografía en Valparaíso (FIFV).

In 2010 he decided to undertake two long-term projects from a more personal angle: Dioses de Alquitrán and Desde la Isla Cuántica. The first project won an El Invernadero grant in 2011 and is still in progress. The second has kept Eugeni busy with six trips over the past five years to an island on the Bolivian shores of Lake Titicaca. Since 2014, he has received the Nuevo Talento Fnac award and the SAIF Discovery Prize at Voies Off. He has been at finalist at the Golden Camera and NexoFoto awards and has received a special mention at the Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Cabo Verde. He has exhibited in six different cities in Spain as part of the Nuevo Talento Fnac awards, as well as at Voies Off (Arles) and Paraty em Foco in 2014, at the Festival PA-TA-TA in Granada, and in Quito as part of the collective exhibition Paisajes interiores, curated by Claudi Carreras. He also held an exhibition in the Bolivian community of Ch’alla where most of the photographs had been taken.