Maria Contreras Coll

Barcelona, 1991

Maria is a documentary photographer from Barcelona. Maria became interested in photography at the age of 14 with her first digital camera. She decided to study a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Photography in the University of Barcelona (2010-2014). She also did a course of Mixed Media Printamaking on Central Saint Martins Unversity of the Arts London, July (2013). Meanwhile in Barcelona she worked on documentary projects such as “Ah!”, exhibited at the Català Roca Golferichs center in 2013, and “Persona”, exhibited at the University of Barcelona on 2014. In these projects, Maria investigated about the concept of happiness, unrealized dreams and the hopes of people immersed in the rush of urban
After finishing her Degree and doing an one year Workshop in Documentary Photography at Pati Llimona (2015) with the photographer Eva Parey, she got her Postgraduate degree in Photojournalism (2015-2016) at Autonomous University of Barcelona. In the next months she became interested in photographing the most intimate and personal aspects of the Refugee Crisis in Europe and she traveled to affected areas such as Greece, France, Germany or Morocco. Since then, her stories has been published in Vice, ViceNews, PositiveMagazine, Internazionale,, ElPais and Aljazeera.