We are used to seeing photographs of the remotest places, the apparently strangest people, the most extreme conflict situations. Moreover, journalism and advertising have saturated us with images that reflect public life, consumer goods and celebrities. Photography’s attention to all these areas, however, has made us underestimate the importance of observing the contemporary home, a space in transformation, much more complex than might be expected at first glance.

DOMESTIC is an exhibition that examines how we live in our homes and questions the role played by the domestic sphere in the construction of our sense of self, in our interpersonal relationships and in the formation of the fabric of society. At the same time, the aim of this exhibition is to explore the role played by the domestic sphere in the transformation of our capitalist society, passing through helter-skelter  the digital revolution and the culture of the image.

Conceived in two main blocks – Every Home is a world in itself and The Home in the World and The World in the Home – DOMESTIC is a thoughtful, suggestive, sensitive and rigorous exhibition that invites us to rethink, though the eyes of professional and amateur photographers, everything that happens in our lives once we have crossed the threshold of our homes.

Welcome and come in!