Empresas Amigas

Nuestra trayectoria avala año tras año el alto poder de la fotografía como herramienta de sensibilización y en nuestra labor contamos con el apoyo de empresas amigas que comparten esta visión. Si desde tu entidad quieres apoyar nuestra labor y beneficiarte de nuestra experiencia, consulta las contrapartidas que ofrecemos a nuestras empresas amigas.



EGM Laboratoris Color

EGM Laboratoris Color has been an institutional friend of Photographic Social Vision since 2011. Able to offer both integral analogue services and large-format digital printing, murals, and signing, EGM began working with the digital image from early on. At the present date it has one of the most powerful digital installations in Europe. We have profited from its support in both educational and exhibition projects for years now, producing many exhibitions for which it has helped us find solutions in different formats, whether vinyl, canvas, wallpaper, or copies of fine art. This has helped us fulfil our mission of bringing documentary photography closer to people: a direct way of understanding cultures and issues that can only be achieved through images.

Aclam FOTO

Especializados en material profesional de foto, vídeo, iluminación y un amplio abanico de accesorios, Aclam Foto alquila equipos audiovisuales profesionales, así como un estudio de casi 200m2 y un laboratorio de revelado químico para fotografía analógica. Además, organizan workshops y masterclass relacionados con el mundo de la fotografía, el vídeo y las tecnologías emergentes más actuales.

Editorial Blume

With almost fifty years of experience in the publishing sector, committed to quality, rigor, and fine content, Blume has a line of photojournalism books that are a faithful reflection of present-day social issues and realities, inviting a response that combines empathy with critical thought. Blume is also in charge of publishing the Spanish-language catalogues of the World Press Photo exhibition and, as one of our institutional friends, it allows our partners and friends to offer a 20% discount on the price of these publications.