Photographic Members

To ensure the attention, dedication and affection that the Members of our Foundation deserve, as well as the quality of our services, we must temporarily renounce the acceptance of new applications. Anyway, you are welcome to contact us if you want us to take you in consideration whenever we are able to expand our network of photography professionals.

Meanwhile, our Consultancy Service is still available for specific projects. Thank you for your interest and support!

If you are a documentary photographer or a photojournalist, and you need advice to develop your career, become one of our photographer members!

If your application is accepted *, we will use our experience and all the means at our disposal to help you in your development as a photographer.

Benefit from our experience and this advantages:


  • 3 Portfolio reviews per year (€15 fee Members)
  • 5 Portfolio reviews per year (€20 fee Members)
  • 1 Dummy review per year (interchangeable for one of the 3 or 5 previous sessions)
  • Legal advice regarding intellectual property law and review of contracts.
  •  Expert advice on the strategic exploitation of archives
  • Support in the search of exhibition spaces.
  • Information about interesting workshops, exhibitions, grants, awards and competitions.


  • Professional profile on the Foundation’s website
  • Public communication of your achievements and activities through our social networks


  • Private advanced admission to our exhibitions before they are inaugurated.
  • Free admission for two people to all the openings and events we organize.
  • Free guided tours of all our exhibitions.
  • Free, unlimited and skip-the-line access to World Press Photo exhibition in Barcelona at the CCCB.


  • Aclam: 10% on photographic material rental and on studio rental.
  • Blume: 10% on the purchase of books from this publishing house.
  • EGM: 20% on digital services.
  • El Observatorio: 10% on workshops and 5% on annual courses.
  • FUGA: 10% on courses.
  • VM Foto: 10% on most articles and 20% on enlargements for exhibition.
  • Lux Awards: 50% discount in the registration for professionals who compile with the bases of these awards.
  • World Press Photo Catalogue (sold at the Barcelona's exhibition): 20% of the total price.
  • Tax deduction (if you pay taxes in Spain): 75% of your contributions to Photographic Social Vision up to €150, and 25% on the rest of your annual contribution.

* To maintain an excellent level of care and also the quality of our services, we must restrict the total number of Members. For this reason, the first step is to send us your application to: including the following information:

  • Your professional website and / or social networks
  • Latest works published in the media and / or some example of an already finished photojournalistic project or photo-documentary project .

In case you haven’t professionalized yet, but you are working on it, we can also help you! Here you’ll find personalized counseling sessions we are offering. And you can also collaborate as a Friend of Photographic, and thus enjoy these counterparts.

Attention! Fill in the information requested below, only if you have already been accepted as a Member of the Foundation.

I want to be a PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIAL VISION MEMBER collaborating with a contribution of:

15 € per month
20 € per month

* Thank you for making a minimum commitment of six months. After the sixth month, you may discontinue your monthly contribution at any time.

(By choosing direct withdrawal you can help us keep down administrative expenses)

Method of payment

Direct withdrawal

Bank transfer :

Triodos Bank 1491 0001 20 1008820928

(Please send deposit slip to

* The information you give us is for the administrative and statistical use of Photographic Social Vision. As provided for in current legislation, you have the right to access, rectify, or eliminate your information.