This was our third experience of a participative photography workshop involving residents of Llar Sant Martí. On this occasion, the objective was to create a personal artistic project through the process of learning to see. The lack of understanding of the issues facing people diagnosed with mental health problems and of the circumstances in which they live generates a series of prejudices that affect their daily lives. Our starting point in this workshop was to attempt to acknowledge the internal values both of photography itself and of the authors, whether amateur or professional, on the premise that everyone is capable of creating images that help to understand their circumstances and to stimulate empathy in the people who see them.

Summary of the project in images
Video documentary directed by Francina Verdés and Jaime Quinto

This project was carried out from October 2012 to January 2013. The exhibition that resulted from the workshop was held at the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona and a documentary recording the activities was the screened at the Filmoteca de Catalunya as part of the Circuit Festival 2013.

Cadaunería was presented at the seminary Autobiography and narrative construction of subjectivity in contemporary artistic creation from Huesca Image Program, Visiona.

Leaders of the workshop: Alice Monteil and Mireia Plans
Psychologist: Begoña Bernal