Great People

The fourth edition of the participative photography workshops involving people diagnosed with a mental health condition who were residents of the Llar Sant Martí (a residential treatment facility in Barcelona). This time we worked for four months helping to forge ties between the amateur photographers and the people of the Sant Martí neighbourhood. Although the city is often considered an impersonal place, which renders invisible those who take no active part in its street life, the project sought to generate new spaces and new opportunities for encounters. For the participants, who learned that photographing involves looking at other people and getting out of one’s own circumstances for a moment, the workshop was an exercise in the “being there” and the empathy that the portrait entails. The workshop was carried out with the collaboration of portrait photographer Xavi Gómez, who led a session on methodology, and of photographer Joan Tomás, who shared his experience of photographing in the public space.

The results of the work of these ambulant photographers could be seen in a street exhibition that gathered together the portraits of all the “Great People” who participated in the project. The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Centre Cívic Sant Martí and the Institut Infanta Isabel d’Aragó.

Summary of the project in images
Video documentary directed by Anna Giralt Gris and Christina Pitouli

This project was carried out from April 2015 to January 2016.

Leaders of the workshop: Alice Monteil and Mireia Plans
Psychologist: Héctor Florit