Refusing to Forget

Through this workshop, we made the tools of photographic language available to a group of people suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. Starting from the premise that images may be useful in palliating the memory loss that affects Alzheimer’s patients in their daily lives, we created visual tools to be used as guides for carrying out basic, everyday instrumental activities in a routine, methodical way. The creation of these materials also helped participants to retain their short-term memories for a longer time within an affective, emotional perspective: family portraits, important places in their lives, family trees, in short, a photograph album of their lives. The camera also allowed family members to capture the experiences they were going through with their ailing loved ones, providing another point of view on the situation.

Summary of the project in images
Video documentary directed by Carlo Corinaldesi and Marga Durá

Workshop held in 2008-2009 with the support of the program of financial aid for cultural projects of the Obra Social “la Caixa” and the collaboration of the Federació d’Associacions de familiars de malalts d’Alzheimer de Catalunya (FAFAC). The project included a round-table discussion and audiovisual presentation within the framework of TRAFIC 08 at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. The documentary was also screened at the CaixaForum Barcelona during the “Nits d’estiu.”