Joana Biarnés, una entre todos

Joana Biarnés, una entre todos [Joana Biarnés: A Woman among Men] is the story of the first Spanish woman photojournalist. This film by Òscar Moreno and Jordi Rivera, realized by REC Produccions and co-produced by Photographic Social Vision, examines the life and work of an exceptional woman, the photographer Joana Biarnés, recovered through the rediscovery of her archive and the remarkable images in which the young apprentice photographer documented the terrible flooding that occurred in Vallès in 1962.

Joana was a pioneer who overcame the prejudices of her age, triumphed in her profession, met and captured for posterity some great historical figures, and then, just when she may have turned into a legend, disappeared. The recognition of her work and career is an act of justice, restoring her to her rightful place in the history of Spanish photography. The film premiered at the Festival Memorimage in Reus in November 2015. It has been selected as the Documentary of the Month for April 2016, with screenings programmed in cinemas all across Spain.

Among her exploits: she snuck into the Beatles’ suite, deceived Roman Polanski, was the photographer of Raphael, chose Massiel’s wardrobe for Eurovision. Clint Eastwood kissed her on the lips. She was friendly with Xavier Cugat, Joan Manuel Serrat, the Duchess of Alba, Fernando Rey, El Cordobés, Lola Flores, Salvador Dalí…

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Director and screenplay: Òscar Moreno and Jordi Rovira
Producers: Òscar Moreno and Xavier Baig
Director of photography: Xavier Baig
Montage: Xavier Baig
Sound design: REC Produccions and Xavier Baig
Executive producers: Òscar Moreno, Jordi Ambròs, and Andrés Luque