Albert Uriach

Barcelona, 1976

Albert’s relationship with a former girlfriend who was involved in photography and an intense trip to New York City helped to forge a vocation that was given a professional seal by studies at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) starting in 2000. Since then, the photographic image has been the axis of his professional and personal life.

He has done reportages for Intervida and the Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer (Apadeim) in Nicaragua, for the Fundación Almenara in Chad, and for the Fundación Vicente Ferrer in India. He has presented the exhibitions Rostros y voces de la acción and Mujeres: la fuerza del cambio en India, as well as contributing photographs to the book El poder de la acción, published by the Fundación Vicente Ferrer.