Anna Lofi

Anna López Figueras (Anna Lofi), was born in Reus in 1993. She has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (2017) and she was an Erasmus student at Universiteé Lumière Lyon2 in France. While her Erasmus program, she collaborated with Televisió de Catalunya with videos for “Blog Europa” and in 2015-16 was an intern at Photographic Social Vision fundation.

Anna Lofi volunteered for several NGO’s as in Fundación Vicente Ferrer  in rural India or No Name Kitchen in the Balkan route as a photojournalist and filmmaker.

Some of her work has won contests and recognitions, and has been showed in different venues in Catalonia. Her project “Hijras, the Kinnars daughters” about third gender in India was showed in the OFF section of Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan and it is currently in exhibition at different places all around Spain.

Compromised with photojournalism, Anna Lofi is a freelance photographer that travels around the world looking for stories to capture.