Fran Simó

“As an artist working in the realm of new media art, I explore the relation between human beings and technology, paying special attention to the multidisciplinary area of artificial intelligence and its applications (as they concern our sense of consciousness and life), the possibilities of open source hardware, open data banks, and the information that computer users share by mistake.

“These guiding threads have also led me to work with photography, which has allowed me to capture intuitively the essence of spaces, places, and situations, using the city as an immense movie set. I photograph nameless people, urban details, and insignificant spaces, transporting them to a different space-time in order to create new stories. In this way, time (frozen) and space (georeferenced) become the keys to my photographs, which I store away to create a time capsule. My images occupy a playful terrain, often captured in a meditative state that is articulated as a game for exploring the subconscious. I present my work organized in series of images, like installations, photobooks… or creating environments in which the photographs are accompanied by video and/or music.

“In the course of my career, I have explored participative and collaborative processes transformed into a form of encounter for the creation of communities and the promotion of photography as a means of artistic and group expression. At the same time, I have organized exhibitions, debates, publications, marketing campaigns, etc.”