Gonçalo Fonseca



  • Andreia, a social worker from Crescer, a state-funded outreach organization, plans their next move at one of Lisbon’s many open-air “consumption rooms.” She and Rita, a psychologist, are a part of the first line of help in the Portuguese Harm Reduction Policy;
  • Mouli*, on the left, making the bed with her daughter in their home in West Bengal.
  • Surgeons prepare a kidney for transplant at a private hospital in Chennai, India. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that every hour, worldwide, a kidney is illegally sold.
  • Geethu *, a 27 year old man from Chennai mortgaged his home and sold all his families possessions to pay for the expensive transplant he underwent in April. The former fisherman is now too in debt to pay for the drugs he needs to maintain his health. *name changed

Lisbon, 1993,

Gonçalo Fonseca is a documentary photographer based in Lisbon. After studying Journalism in Lisbon, he decided to do a Postgraduate degree in Photojournalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It was then when he discovered the power of storytelling and journalism. Of giving voice to those who have none, of witnessing the world’s injustices. That is what drives him. Since 2016, he has been working in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and China, with a constant focus on Human Rights issues.

His work has been published in TIME, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Aftonbladet, El Pais, Diari Ara, 7K, among others.

He has received the Photographic Allard Prize for International Integrity (Canada, 2019), the Young Talent Award at Fotoplatja d’Aró (Spain, 2019) and Leica Oskar Barnak Award – Newcomer 2020.