Imma Cortés

Architecture has been the way to understand her surroundings and the tool to develop her visual capacities. After studying architecture in Barcelona and Milan between 1980 and 1988, photography unexpectedly reaches her life during one of the first jobs she gets when coming back to Barcelona.

She starts as producer in photography studios and communication agencies, there is where she gets the opportunity to learn about the different creative processes from well-known fashion photographers.

After twenty years next to the camera, she decides to study photography in the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia. At this point is when she starts her path behind the camera.

In December 2019 she opens an exhibition in Palau Robert “Viaje a un archivo” a photographic chronicle of Joana Biarnes’s discovery 2015-2019.

Her work reflects the attractions she feels for shapes, the willingness to bring figures alive, and to establish a visual order in her surroundings. Escape from the everyday and seeing its beauty has become almost a vital need for her.