Josu Trueba

Photographer, documentary video filmmaker, and leader of workshops, Josu was trained at the Can Basté and RUIDO Photo photography schools. He specializes in in-depth documentary work, created out of an intimate closeness to his subjects and narrated with a highly personal vision. Interested in social issues, he is a founding member of the Basque agency BostokPhoto and a member of the Barcelona collective RuidoPhoto

Josu has given workshops in cultural centres in the Spanish Basque Country and participative workshops in Cuba and Slovakia to marginalized social groups. One of his first reportages was about a building occupied by squatters in Barcelona, a story of the daily lives of those who rebel against real estate speculation, told from the inside, since he himself lived there.

Over the past eight years, he has worked tirelessly to document the consequences of the forced dispersion of Basque prisoners, accompanying members of the EPPK (the collective of Basque political prisoners) on thousand-kilometre journeys to visit their relatives and loved ones. He is also working on an educational documentary project with children from eastern Rom communities. His most recent reportages are Train Crash Santiago, about the train accident that occurred in Santiago de Compostela in July 2013, and Heygate, about gentrification in London.

He is also the author of the book Al son del Punk–Kuidado que muerden, about punk rock in Cuba, and co-author of Mujeres. He received an honourable mention at 2013 POYLatam (Pictures of the Year Latin America) for Protagonistas de la soberanía alimentaria: Experiencias cubanas y vascas. He has contributed photos to publications such as The Sunday Times, Internazionale, Gara, Berria, Zazpika, 7.7, Diagonal, Monitor, Spectrum, and Days Japan.

A través de Garikoitz  veremos las trabas burocráticas internas, propias de cualquier inmigrante en un país como Inglaterra y con el agravante de que aunque él quiera, no puede volver a territorio español ya que puede ser encarcelado. Por otro lado nos muestra la soledad y burbuja del exilio.

Es la primera publicación de una serie de trabajos documentales, que Bostok Photo Agency realiza de manera independiente, desde 2012 y hasta el 2016 , con personas que viven contextos muy diferentes entre sí vinculadas al Colectivo de Exiliadas y Exiliados Políticos Vascos.

Día a día en la  soledad del exilio. Frustración, trabas jurídicas y burocráticas. Garikoitz Ibarluzea Murua, exiliado vasco que vive legalmente en la ciudad de Londres desde el 2005 y que su regreso a Euskal Herria fue denegado en enero de 2014 por las autoridades del Reino de España.