Maite Caramés

A photographer by profession, Maite earned a degree in art history in Barcelona before studying at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC). She uses photography as narrative image, told in a series of stories, series, or sequences. The commonplace and the banal are always exhibited to demonstrate the thin line between reality and unreality. She believes the mind is an inexhaustible source of creative awareness. The ideas she explores on are very private and human: time, death, rebirth, beauty, desire. Interested in both artistic and documentary photography, that frontier that separates them is an invisible line that approaches the real world in different ways. Maite has participated in numerous festivals and both individual and collective exhibitions. She works in analogue, generally with a medium-format camera. Every story has its own language and way of being composed: the camera can be essential to giving shape to that language.