Mingo Venero



Since 2003, when photography became a part of his life, he has not let go of his camera, exploring two main facets of documentary photography. Firstly, he produces photo essays: personal projects that are indictments of social injustices, with an emphasis on the circumstances of the poorest members of society, who most often go unnoticed. “Changing the world is very difficult―impossible, one might say―but showing what happens is within our scope. I refuse to believe that the efforts of many people to change things can be in vain. If I manage to awaken empathy in people, I will be satisfied.”

Secondly, urban photography: reflecting the everyday lives of people. In 2011 he co-founded the collective Calle 35. “Walking on the street, observing, measuring, framing… capturing an instant forever.” And in 2014, together with his friend the photographer David Salcedo, he founded Territorios Libres, a platform for the promotion and viability of visual projects. He has collaborated with NGOs such as Médecins du monde, Médecins sans frontières, and Aldeas Infantiles. He has lived in Barcelona since 2006, where he has produced some of his photographic projects and gives classes in photography. “My professional aim is to continue deciding what I want to devote myself to. Photography has become a means of expression to show what I see and fell, and in this way share my point of view with other people.”