Rubén Perdomo

Trained in image and sound, Rubén has worked as a freelance photographer in the field of audiovisual communication―video, cinema, and graphic design―and for various television stations and networks, including TV3, Antena3, and CNN. He has also been involved in the world of advertising as a photography director. His interest in photography began at an early age and has remained a hobby of his. He is self-taught in the discipline, having researched, observed, and experimented with the work of classic photographers such as Herbert List and Eva Rubenstein, among many others.

The central theme of his work is urban space: intimate cityscapes that portray human and social life through the eyes of an artist. His work is charged with poetic connotations, portraits of moments, sensations, yet also with its transcendental, metaphysical aspects. Rubén reflects on the passage of time, on the ephemeral and the lasting. His projects and exhibitions include Zones (La Selva del Camp, 2012), Inside (Barcelona, 2013), Empremtes (Tarragona, 2013), In-situ (Tarragona, 2013), Tarragona collage photo (Tarragona, 2013), 13 portes (2014), and Anatomía del Territorio (2016).